Enam Presbyterian Church, Erakor Bridge

Enam Presbyterian Church, Erakor Bridge

SPARC+ missions are an exciting post-conference opportunity. Share the gospel of grace with children, youth, and adults while steeped in the church and community life of the villages and small islands of North Efate.

SPARC+ will break into small teams working in several villages from Monday to Friday (3 to 7 September) after SPARC conference with some training and preparation on Monday morning. The teams will have opportunities to see what life and ministry is like in the rural parts of Vanuatu, as well as run children and youth activities and adult Bible studies throughout the week. And, because it's Vanuatu, there will be lots of time walking, talking, swimming, and cooking!

Musical abilities or experience in simple English work is a plus, but much more important is a generous and humble heart to serve and a readiness for the adventure of village living.

The extra cost ($80AUD) will cover the extra nights from Monday of accommodation, food, transport to and from the village and also contribute to a gift to the churches we will partner with (and don't forget a small gift from your home country for your host family! Any extra costs for accommodation, food, and activities outside of the SPARC+ missions are you responsibility). You will need to tick Yes to Sunday B&B option when you register.